A new Dot is born!


So Sarah Palin is rallying the troops in Columbus, Ohio on Monday … and comments on her upcoming debate with fellow Veep nominee Joe Biden:

“I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’ve never met him.  I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, the second grade.”

Say what?! With John “Father Time” McCain at the top of the ticket, she has the gall to take a shot at Biden’s age?  At this point, Palin’s “Aren’t I spunky?” act gives me such a rash, I can barely even watch Tina Fey’s laser-sharp parody!  Grrr!

But in the interest of keeping hope alive, let me share some startling news from the Bluest extended family.  You should know that I come from a mixed marriage:  Dad’s a diehard Dem who votes in every election and Mom’s a lifelong Republican, who doesn’t often go to the polls.  Why should she bother?  Her candidates usually win anyway.  But this time, it’s different.  She called me the other day wanting to know how to make sure she’s registered to vote this time and it’s all thanks to spunky l’il Sarah.  Mom can’t wait to go to the polls and vote AGAINST Palin… and against John McCain for choosing her as his running mate!

I sat in slack-jawed wonder as she outlined her anger, even using a word that’s not uttered in polite company … outside a kennel.  I can report that she’s profoundly insulted by Palin’s lack of credibility and her attitude and that Mom’s strong opinion gives me more hope than anything else I’ve heard.   (And yes, I’m making sure she’s able to cast a ballot!)  As the old saying goes,  “If Mama  ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  I sure hope that’s the case for the GOP!


4 Responses to “A new Dot is born!”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Very interesting! My reaction to Palin was “you’ve GOT to be kidding!” But then I was chatting with a friend though disgusted with the war, is a Republican. I asked her what she thought of Palin and her response was very warm. This friend is a new mom so I think that her mommy hormones are still going strong, overpowering her good sense. This presidential election seems like a high school popularity contest. Republicans fearing Obama’s good looks and charisma, countered with the former beauty queen—and guess what! She EVEN LIKES GUNS! What a find! I think Sarah would be great with her own show on Fox News Channel, but not as potentially the next president. Peepaw should have just asked Katie Couric or Nancy Grace to be his running mate.

  2. lisa Says:

    Cathy, you crack me up! “Peepaw” laid me out with helpless laughter!! And you’re so right … charisma may be great for television … but doesn’t count for squat when it comes to a job this important.

  3. Cathy Says:

    Glad to offer a laugh, Lisa. I borrowed the term “peepaw” from a good blue dot buddy. It cracked me up too coz it’s just so right. During the debates, he was twitching and flinching just like a restless peepaw. I could just picture him chasing Obama offstage with his cane, while yelling something about young whipper snappers.

  4. Conor Says:


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