A new Dot is born!

September 30, 2008 by

So Sarah Palin is rallying the troops in Columbus, Ohio on Monday … and comments on her upcoming debate with fellow Veep nominee Joe Biden:

“I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’ve never met him.  I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, the second grade.”

Say what?! With John “Father Time” McCain at the top of the ticket, she has the gall to take a shot at Biden’s age?  At this point, Palin’s “Aren’t I spunky?” act gives me such a rash, I can barely even watch Tina Fey’s laser-sharp parody!  Grrr!

But in the interest of keeping hope alive, let me share some startling news from the Bluest extended family.  You should know that I come from a mixed marriage:  Dad’s a diehard Dem who votes in every election and Mom’s a lifelong Republican, who doesn’t often go to the polls.  Why should she bother?  Her candidates usually win anyway.  But this time, it’s different.  She called me the other day wanting to know how to make sure she’s registered to vote this time and it’s all thanks to spunky l’il Sarah.  Mom can’t wait to go to the polls and vote AGAINST Palin… and against John McCain for choosing her as his running mate!

I sat in slack-jawed wonder as she outlined her anger, even using a word that’s not uttered in polite company … outside a kennel.  I can report that she’s profoundly insulted by Palin’s lack of credibility and her attitude and that Mom’s strong opinion gives me more hope than anything else I’ve heard.   (And yes, I’m making sure she’s able to cast a ballot!)  As the old saying goes,  “If Mama  ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  I sure hope that’s the case for the GOP!


No debate?

September 25, 2008 by

Didja catch that classic GOP maneuver yesterday?   We all know that John McCain wants to postpone Friday’s presidential debate.  The alleged rationale?  So the candidates have time to go to Capitol Hill and take part in fixing the grievously wounded U.S. economy.  How noble, McCain acolytes cheer!  But here’s the subtext:

Republican Party mouthpiece, Sen. Lindsey Graham, told CNN that if there’s no deal on the proposed mortgage bailout by Friday, the debate could be held in the time slot now held by the VP debate, next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis.  The VP debate would then be rescheduled. Yeah, right!  I say that’ll happen when pigs fly, with or without lipstick!

The McCain campaign has belatedly deduced that Sarah Palin can’t ad lib her way out of a wet paper bag and that her appearance in a debate could mortally wound the McCain/Palin ticket.   (Check out that Katie Couric interview with Palin, and watch how Palin pulls out her faux-folksy act when she can’t answer a question … droppin’ more “G’s” than Wall Street ever thought about!)  She may have style, but substance?  Not so much.

Now, go back and review HBO’s searing flick, “Recount.”  The GOP took the White House in 2000 because they didn’t back down and Al Gore did.  Barack Obama isn’t falling into the trap … at least not yet!  He clearly knows a cheap trick when he sees one … and so should every rational voter in the country!

Of lipstick and pigs …

September 10, 2008 by

Barack Obama’s not the first politician to use the phrase “lipstick on a pig” (the list includes John McCain, BTW). Obama’s just the first to use it since Sarah Palin turned up on the ticket. Now, it’s all anyone’s talking about … and GOP campaign strategists couldn’t be happier!  Whether it’s Karl Rove or his toadies, the Republicans are masters of diversion.  The party is like a huge octopus squirting clouds of ink into the political water to obscure those pesky things called “ISSUES!”  And the media gets suctioned onto the  tentacles.  How many hours will now go into hashing and rehashing what Obama said, and what he really meant, instead of reporting on the candidates’ plans for economy, or health care, or Iraq, or anything that might actually MATTER TO THE VOTERS?

In the interest of preventing other linguistic diversions, may I recommend that any and all Democrats refrain from using the following common political metaphors and terms between now and November 5th.

DEMS SAY:                                GOP SPINS:

“If it quacks like a duck …”       “They’re making fun of Palin’s voice!!”

“Grandfathering” something      “They’re making cracks about
into legislation …”                      McCain’s age!”

“Pork barrel spending”               “Is that a fat joke?!”

Focus people, FOCUS!!!!

MIA: the “liberal” media

September 9, 2008 by

Sometimes late at night I can still hear her voice. That woman reporter from CNN, squealing with giddy glee as she watched a plane take off from the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier on Day One of our misadventure in Iraq. She, a member of our nation’s famed “liberal” media, was not reporting. She was hyping. She was hyperventilating. Like a high-school cheerleader outside the team locker room. It was weird. And more than just a little horrifying. Maybe it was a glint off the cockpit window or the sheen off the  pilot’s zipper that distracted her from the stony core of the story. Whatever it was, you can bet is was something shiny pulled from the vest pocket of the GOP.

Just like their new puppet and favorite distraction, Sarah P. She’s shiny all right. And right now singing her siren’s song and doing a dandy job of luring the press completely off the path. Away from the issues. Far from the top of the ticket. And down some dark hole. Where a group of neocon thugs is waiting to kick ass. Call names. And take the Dem’s lunch money.

All this made worse by the fact that, in a corporate tower somewhere, you can bet the shiny pate of Karl Rove glistens with the sweet sweat of anticipation as he rocks back and forth on his tiny feet. Rubs his chubby little hands together. Giggles with glee. And sounds every bit like a “liberal” CNN reporter.

Would somebody tell me I’m wrong…please.

Fighting Mad!

September 7, 2008 by

First, can I just say how much I love the smart, sassy conversation happening here?  Keep it up Dots … and spread the word!

Now, a comment on Leigh’s response to “Good Guy, Bad Choice” … and a remark that really struck a nerve with me!
Leigh writes: “I have no doubt John McCain loves America. The Republicans insinuating I don’t, well that just pisses me off.”

Amen to that!  I’m especially aggravated by the persistent GOP stance that if you’re a liberal, you can’t possibly care about or support the troops.  In my family, nothing could be further from the truth!  One of my mom’s ancestors came from France to fight alongside the freedom-minded colonists in the American Revolution.  My great granddad survived the fall of Corregidor in the Philippines.  He made it home after 3+ years of hell as a Japanese P.O.W.  Other relatives fought in WWII Europe, Korea, and Vietnam, and I’m proud of every single one of them for choosing to serve their country.  Blessedly, I don’t have any family members fighting in Iraq, but if I did I’d support them too.  I don’t oppose the troops … I’m not even opposed to the concept of war.  I’m against STUPID, contrived, poorly-planned war!! And I’m really opposed to the shameful treatment many vets are getting when they’re finally allowed to come home from multiple deployments.  John McCain proposes rationing veterans’ health care to concentrate on those with physical wounds that are a direct result of combat.  So too bad if your Humvee hits a pothole, crashes, and you lose a limb?  Too bad if you suffer post-traumatic stress?  Pathetic!

So yep, I’m fighting mad … and I’m fighting for someone in the White House who’s not beholden to neo-cons itching to pick new fights in Iran, Russia, or anywhere else they decide.  John McCain may say he hates war.  But plenty of Republicans don’t … and they’re the ones I’m worried about.

Good Guy, Bad Choice

September 5, 2008 by

There is no denying John McCain is a decent man … with a compelling narrative. As the mom of two adopted children, McCain’s family story resonates especially strongly.

I also happen to believe McCain when he says he respects and admires Barack Obama … and that “despite our differences, much more unites us than divides us. We are fellow Americans, and that’s an association that means more to me than any other.”

Alas, John McCain is clearly NOT the future that the GOP envisions. His nomination has the whiff of “oh, all right!” about it … like that kid you pick for your kickball team because your mom wants you to play nice. Even though he’s voted in near-lockstep with George Bush these past 8 years, he’s incurred the wrath of plenty of Republicans who aren’t comfortable with his cross-party alliances and moderate posture.

But they’re ready to campaign, and campaign hard with the Mooseslayer on deck. (James Fenimore Cooper fans forgive me!) Sarah Palin’s nasty cracks whipped that crowd into a frenzy the top of the ticket couldn’t match. And who could fail to notice that immediately after McCain finished his speech, the convention producers cued up “Barracuda” (“Sarah Barracuda” was Palin’s high school basketball team nickname) on the sound system. There will be blood all right … and with McCain’s age and cancer history legitimate concerns … this is no time for campaign complacency! Just imagine how 4 years as veep tees Palin up for a presidential run in 2012!!

That’s why I’m out there … wearing so many ‘O’s” I look like a walking bowl of Cheerios! How about you?

Beyond the Palin

September 3, 2008 by

Let me kick the dust off my soapbox kids! This whole Sarah Palin story is giving me a major rash. Not only because her nomination is such a craven sop to disaffected Hillary supporters … (one woman’s just as good as another?!) but now, thanks to her three-hankie C.V., she’s effectively been painted a martyr. Am I the only one who thinks Miss Northern Over-Exposure is just a little too perfect as a target (victim?) for the so-called “angry left”  and/or the “mainstream media?” I detect the fine hand of Karl Rove (or his nefarious protégés) in all this … pick someone you KNOW people will pick on! I just wish the rest of the Dems would follow Obama’s lead:  DON’T. TAKE. THE. BAIT!!  It only serves to further sanctify Palin in the eyes of the religious right and sets up anyone who criticizes her as either sexist or just a plain ol’ meanie! These people are geniuses. Evil, yes … but still geniuses at spinning electoral straw into voting booth gold!

One Democratic acquaintance called McCain’s choice “gutsy.”  Exactly what is “gutsy” about letting GOP operatives turn you from aisle-crossing crusader to party stooge?  Just because Palin pacifies the miffed evangelicals doesn’t mean she’s a good bet to be a heartbeat away from running the country.

About Palin’s speech to the RNC.  It was well-written (by McCain speechwriters), well-rehearsed, and admittedly well-delivered. (I wasn’t sure what to make of her lauding her spouse as a champion snow machine racer, but I digress!)  It was boffo, as far as the party faithful are concerned.  But keep your eyes on November, people!  I’ve seen “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington;” Jimmy Stewart is a favorite of mine. And you Governor, are no Jimmy Stewart.

Move on people!

August 26, 2008 by

Yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton in my state’s primary. Hell, I even bought one of those pricey Marc Jacobs t-shirts bearing her Warhol-esque visage to fund Clinton campaign coffers. And the die-hard feminist in me is truly bummed that she didn’t emerge as the presumptive Democratic nominee. But am I SO bummed that I would actually consider sitting out the November election … or even worse, throwing my vote to John McCain instead of Barack Obama? Are you kidding me? Exactly what rational purpose would that serve? After eight war-mongering, science-squelching, civil liberty-lacerating, economy-eviscerating years … why would any disgruntled American willingly help the GOP hang on to the White House for another second??  Not me!!

Now What?!

January 31, 2008 by

Look, until global warming gets worse, I can’t see myself moving to New Hampshire just to get to get in on some primary action when it might actually matter. So here I sit, thumbs twiddling, until Super Tuesday. Woo-hoo. I’m wearing my Bright Blue Dot button to cheer myself up until then. But I still feel cheated when it comes to taking part in the political process. Don’t get me wrong! There’s a lot to like about both of the Democratic front-runners. But Biden, Dodd, Edwards and Richardson (in alphabetical, not necessarily preferential, order) brought nuance and depth to the winnowing process. Even Gravel and Kucinich had their points. For a few halcyon weeks, it felt like there were some bona fide issues being discussed and actual differences being exposed. At this point, I feel like I’m about to vote on awarding a merit badge, not on sending someone to the White House. Who deserves to break tradition first? Or, who’s got more clout … the ex-president or a TV talk show host?! Please. I guess my only consolation at this point: even the Kennedys are whip-sawed over this one.

I’d like to leave a big blue dot tip with that red state reality check

December 10, 2007 by

They didn’t listen to us last time either. They actually thought John Kerry had a chance to win. But those of us surrounded by “other voices” knew he was just too much of a New England pointy head. Not that we didn’t like him. We just knew that NONE of our neighbors did.

So now we giddy Dems are about to offer up another party darling to the country, one that my neighbors are again telling me they just can’t vote for. And I’m not just talking about HRC. I’m sorry to say that the same can be said for Obama too. If there’s one hard lesson the last couple of elections have taught me, it’s that as my neighbors go, so goes the country. And they ain’t going for her—or for him. Much as I love what my fellow blogger Indigo says in her last post, I think she’s an anomaly.

If we can’t give the red-state fence sitters and moderates a choice they can digest, it will be a true tragedy. Because a lot of them seem ready to cross over to the bright side this time. And this country does not have another four years to throw away.

I hope I’m wrong. And based on Blue Dot voting results every month (which I assume comes mostly from red-staters), wrong I may very well be.

What if Hillary wins?

December 7, 2007 by

For years, watching Hillary has been like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. As a conservative, I’ve never cared for her personally or politically. She comes off as a power-hungry, well….you know. After becoming a presidential candidate, she made a swing to the right, but I’m not buying it. My instincts tell me she’s probably not going to win in ‘08, but we’ll see. The 2000 election showed us that anything can happen.

So what if she DOES win? I’m sure it will seem like the end of the world to Republicans. The machine that spent 8 years digging and throwing dirt at Bill will be pulled out of the closet and dusted off. Stories of the she-devil will fly across the internet. God will probably punish America for our evil votes with a giant tidal wave on Manhattan.

I really never thought I’d say this, but Hillary in the White House would be okay by me. The reason for my change in attitude is: George W. Bush. Bush has set the bar so low as president that even Hillary Clinton, while not desirable, is acceptable to me. The Republicans who are running now may not be Bush, but the party itself has drifted far away from real conservatism. I know this isn’t a ringing endorsement of Hillary, but it’s a big change for me. Bush and his pigs-at-the-trough congress have sent enough of our money over to Iraq and bungled their way through the past 7 years. I’d rather shell out our money to our citizens in a bunch of social programs, than to be shipping huge blocks of cash over to Iraq to disappear into corrupt Iraqi officials pockets. I’m not in any way for income redistribution, but at least our money would be circulating in THIS country. And the Bush administration has been so power-hungry and controlling that Hillary’s not looking so bad anymore. Thanks Bush. See what you’ve done…

Rewriting History

December 3, 2007 by

Bush’s Brain is at it again. Karl Rove is trying to rewrite history. He is pushing the message that the Bush Administration did not want to move as quickly toward war with Iraq, if at all, it was Congress’ fault. Congress passed the bills to give President Bush great latitude in the war on terror too fast. The administration was forced into war.

Can you believe this!? Regardless of how stupid the American polity has been over the years, surely the blinders have come off by now. Karl Rove has never met a lie that he didn’t like and why not. He has made his reputation on telling lies and repeating them so often that they take on a life of their own. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, right? So, lets buy what he is selling.

Look what he sold us in the past. What makes anyone think he would be selling anything but a lie now? We have got to stop buying what this pusher man is selling. It’s time to go cold turkey. Preferably a frozen turkey to the side of Roves’ head.

V-8 until ’08!!

November 27, 2007 by

So, today is HUGE in the Bluest household. I’m ankling my corporate gig to go free-lance. It’s not that I’m tired of working full-time for ‘the man’ … even though my schedule is nuttier than Aunt Mavis’s pistachio brittle … or that my alleged ‘superiors’ are still using Clearasil. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with that slim blade I discovered lodged between my shoulder blades the other day in the shower. Nope. Although it pains me to acknowledge that I could ever have anything in common with Trent Lott … his comment “it’s time to do something else” just rings true. But (of course there’s a “but” and it’s a big one!) there’s that pesky matter of health insurance. For now, there’s COBRA … but that’s going to set my family of four back more than a thousand bucks a month. Ouch! Could we get something cheaper? Not likely … my husband and I both have “pre-existing conditions” that would make it hard for us to qualify at a reasonable rate. And we’re not even into skydiving! Naturally, I’m voting for someone in ’08 who has a plan to improve the system. I don’t think the government has to pick up my tab. But I’d sure like to see better, and more affordable options than are currently on the table. For now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m drinking a helluva lot of V-8. Cheers!

Fact, fiction and family.

November 26, 2007 by

Like many of you this Thanksgiving, I sat down to the bird and baked goods surrounded by my extended Republican family. (Lord love ‘em…) And like so many similar gatherings of the last few years, matters of national import were treated like a dozing great granddaddy: they were gingerly tippy-toed around so as not to disturb the reverie. But after the dishes were cleared, we were left with the lone out-of-town relative who was staying with us. The one who is an evangelical. Who watches only Fox. Who still believes there are WMD in Iraq. And who still doesn’t believe in global warming. (I could not believe there were really any of these people still out there. And yet here was a big one, staying right under our Bright Blue Dot roof.) I am happy to report that he welcomed discussion—actually initiated it. And no one died. We were actually able to talk like reasonable people about things that matter to us both very much. However, I respectfully submit that I think he’s totally insane. Just as he probably thinks me. So many things he said were so revealing, and so depressing, about so many of our fellow countrymen. But there’s one observation made among many that really haunts me:

Here is a man who is such an unquestioning Catholic that he believes a statue of Jesus spoke to a nun (which He may have) and told her to build a multimillion dollar shrine in the piny woods of Alabama (which she surely did). And yet he doesn’t believe in global warming because “there isn’t enough proof.” In other words, he thinks it’s more likely that God would speak through a statue about creating a building, than that He would speak through world-renowned scientists about saving His own special creation. Our Earth.

Would someone pass the Wild Turkey. Please.

I declare, it’s time for conservatives to abandon the Republicans.

November 21, 2007 by

Ever since Bush has been in office, I’ve become a conservative without a party. I had been edging away from the Republican party in the late 90s when the party of “family values” took gleeful and perverse delight in stained dresses and cigars. After Bush “aw shucks-ed” his way into office, the party of gravitas morphed into the party of reckless abandon and I became a third party voter. Better to “waste my vote” than to support a party of power brokers hiding behind a carefully crafted facade of faux conservatism. For me, voting has become about the message, not about electing a satisfactory candidate, because apparently that’s not gonna happen. By voting Libertarian, I’m casting a vote against Republicans. I may not be voting for a candidate who will win, but I am participating and I am making my conservative leanings known to those who watch the elections. If other dissatisfied Republicans in the US would vote Libertarian maybe Republican leaders would take note. If Republicans started losing elections because 10 percent of the base abandoned the party, then it might cause a swing back toward real conservatism (I exclude religious zealotry from my definition of conservatism). It would be worth it not to have a $9 trillion deficit and a dollar that is becoming like 3rd world currency, not to mention a badly mismanaged war. I’d rather be a part of the fringe element than vote Republican now. Until Republicans can prove that they’ve become conservative again, I will not be casting a vote in a major election for them.